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November 2015

31 Jan

Projects finished in November 2015


Schnitzel and Boo Round 4 Mini Quilt

My own modifications to a pillow pattern from A Quilter’s Mixology by Angela Pingel featuring the Alison Glass Handcrafted and Handcrafted 2 Fabrics and Essex Linen. My first time doing spiral quilting and piecing curves!





Another Open Wide Pouch as an extra, using scraps from the mini quilt. I also included some chocolate and a magnetic pin-bowl that I forgot to photograph.


Aprons for Davy and his youngest cousin – these ended up being Christmas gifts. I actually ended up making an aqua strap for the floral one and using the twill tape strap in the shark one.

Pattern is the Little Chef Apron from Straight Grain (there is a matching Big Chef pattern; I should make one for Gregg!)


Felt play food for A – a birthday gift for Davy’s youngest cousin. Most of these are replicas of play food I had already made Davy but I did make him a version of the new stuff. No pattern, I basically looked at pictures for inspiration and figured it out on my own.



Not as many projects as the previous month but we took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to go to the localish Crystal Grotto Caverns, the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, the National Aquarium, and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History! So much of my sewing/crafting time happens during naps, and while we had some long car trips I typically have to sit in the back and entertain Davy which makes it pretty hard to get any knitting or stitching done. Totally worth it though, we had lots of fun. The Smithsonian Institutions are open on Thanksgiving and I think that might have to become a family tradition while we are near the DC area – it was so much less crowded than a normal day!



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September 2015

17 Jan

So it looks like I didn’t blog anytime after August last year. Crazy! So for the next few Sundays, I’m going to do a round-up of all my projects finished for a month, starting with September.

Without further ado:

A quick look back at the projects I finished in Sept 2015


Clothesline Bowl (there are about a million tutorials out there, I have no idea which one I used)



Tiny Geese Keychain

need photo!


Route 66 Socks – I started these in December 2011 – I messed up the second sock and stuck them in time out for the longest time. Didn’t have enough white to do both toes the same so I did one white and one blue, knowing that my Father-In-Law would appreciate the quirkyness.



Noodlehead Open Wide Pouch – size small, using Rainwalk fabrics. I used fusible fleece and probably wouldn’t do that again because future pouches have turned out nicer.



Bonus Davy Photo:



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Pandamonium Pillow – FO post

22 Aug

Now that’s its finished and has been gifted, it’s time to share my Panda-monim Pillow! This was on my Q3 FAL list. It’s for our intern who is heading to college next week – she LOVES pandas so I immediately thought of her when I saw the pattern.



Isn’t it super cute? I did end up buying new fabric to make this, because I didn’t have enough of the fabric I was planning to use. It worked out because I found the music themed fabric which was perfect for the recipient (hard to see but the black is a tone-on-tone with treble clefs).  The pattern I used was Panda-monium, a free pattern from Fat Quarter Shop. The pattern was easy and well written, but I think it did wildly overestimate the amount of fabric needed. I made a zippered back with some Kona black – I used this tutorial from Miss Make for the project, and I thought it was well-written and a very nice, professional finish. I made the quilted panel 19″x19″ before finishing it into a pillow (kind of forgot about my seam allowances, oops), and I pre-washed it and it shrunk a bit so the final size ended up being 17.5″ x 17.5″ with an 18″ square pillow form inside it.


Since I had some extra fabric and since we wanted to send our intern with a coin purse stuffed with quarters I offered to make one. I used Noodlehead’s zippy wallet tutorial. Nice, easy pattern – my only mod was adding a wrist strap. I like that it has both the exterior pocket which will hold a card or two and the zipped interior one. Very fast and cute.


How am I doing otherwise? I haven’t done very much sewing or other crafting this summer, lots of bedtime drama and sickness making me more likely to just crash once the little guy is in bed. But things seem to be getting better. In the last week I also finished and mailed off my July Bee Hive block:



Pattern is Ripples Block in scrappy low volume and blues.

I’ve gotten some more of my Gravity QAL blocks cut out and started piecing them together, though I’m quite behind right now. I’m still trying to keep up because I’m afraid if I put the project aside it’ll take years to finish it.


But mostly I’ve been trying to enjoy the summer and my time hanging out with this little guy!


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ALYOF May Goal Completed!

29 May

My goal was to finish my Rainbow Road Table Runner:


And here she is!

I actually finished the Saturday evening before Mother’s Day, so while I wasn’t able to get it mailed to my MIL in time, we did a video chat with her on Sunday and got to show it to her. Which is good because, um, it still hasn’t been shipped out yet. Need to get to the Post Office!


I quilted her with organic wavy lines (using my walking foot) and did a machine-attached binding with Kona black, which I thought would set off all the colors nicely.


On my table – I will admit I was just a bit tempted to keep her!

Another closeup.

I’m super thrilled with how this turned out. Again, it’s the Rainbow Road table runner pattern which is only available as part of Rachel’s (Stitched in Color) Curves class. Fabrics are nearly all various Kona Cotton solids – I used both prewashed and non-prewashed fabrics and didn’t have any issues with either shrinkage or colors running.

Linking up with

A Lovely Year of Finishes – May Goal Party


Crazy Mom Quilts – Finish it up Friday


In case you were wondering, I finished my mom’s Mother’s Day socks as well! We had dinner at her house on Mother’s Day so I was able to give them to her on time. In previous years I haven’t been as well organized so it felt good to get both of these gifts done! I’m lucky to have two wonderful moms in my life.


Davy’s Car Carrier

16 May

So it took me a little longer than I’d originally planned but I finished Davy’s Car Carrier Bucket today!


The red car side


The orange pickup truck side


The inside


My God, it’s full of cars!

It ended up roughly 10″ wide by 8″ deep by 9″ high (not including handles) – bigger than I think I would have liked but not bad considering I was totally winging it with the dimensions and I’ve never made a bucket like this before. I used Kona cotton scraps for the solids and the prints are both Ann Kelle remix ovals (the size for the lining was kind of weird and I had a FQ bundle of the prints so I used both the black on white and white on black prints with a little bit leftover). I like rummaging through the remnants bin and Joann and have a bunch of random Pellon stabilizers – I used fusible fleece on the exterior, SF101 on the lining, and some midweight sew-in stabilizer (I think 40) on the handles.

So I thought Davy would really get a kick out of it – he’s very excited to get new things or to hear that I’m making something for him and he liked the blocks alone. He was napping when I finished, and when I showed him the bucket full of his cars, he said “Dump it out!” very angrily and then after I’d dumped out the cars, I asked him if he liked it. “I want to break it!” Well, okay then! Toddlers, man. He’s generally pretty easygoing, but I do have to remember that he’s only 2.5. Maybe an hour later he wanted to go out front and play cars with Gregg and he happily put his cars in the bucket and carried them outside, so I guess he does like it after all!

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Winged is Done!

30 Apr

After months! of work, I’m finally done with my Winged quilt!



Before washing.


After washing and drying. It crinkled up nicely and I didn’t see any ink on the color catcher I had thrown in. I didn’t prewash any of my fabrics.



Butterfly backing.


Stats – expanded version of the Lap of Luxe pattern by Quilt Dad. I used 12 different FQs from the Winged line by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery, along with Mystic Grey Art Gallery Pure Element for the top. I used yardage from the line for the back (Wingspan) and the Plumage print for binding. Pieced and quilted with Aurifil 50wt in Dove.


I gave it to my mom on Sunday and she totally loved it, she rushed upstairs to put it on her bed. Davy was mad that I wouldn’t let him use it as a tent.

It’s the biggest quilt I’ve made and I’m really proud of it. But I think my next project will be a little smaller!

Linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes April Goal Party.

This was also on my list for the quarterly FAL hosted by On the Windy Side so hopefully I’ll remember to link up once that opens.



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2015 Q1 Quilting/Sewing Review

05 Apr

As I mentioned previously, I didn’t do so great on quilting/sewing. I already linked a few finished projects – my tree skirt and my Christmas bunting. I am still slooooowly plugging away on the quilting for Mom’s Winged Quilt and haven’t touched my giant plus quilt since before Christmas. I also did poorly keeping up with the projects for the Curves Class. But I did get some sewing done!

I joined my first quilting bee,


I made a blanket for my son (that he loved for 5 minutes and now refuses to use, sigh),

IMG_8459 IMG_8460

I made a faux chenille baby blanket as a baby shower gift that came out amazing,



I used the tutorial from Sisters, What! for the blanket and a tutorial from Stitching With 2 Strings for the satin binding and I’m really pleased with the finished project.

I made a bunch of felt play food for my son’s kitchen and also made him a toddler-sized oven mitt. This seems to be an ongoing obsession. I used some of the tutorials linked here but only loosely followed them. There will be more of this!


I started my Rainbow Road project from the Curves class,


I also tried some string piecing and hopefully will turn this into a potholder for a friend.


So I have not been a total slacker in the sewing department!

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2015 Q1 – knitting review

31 Mar

Looking back at the first 3 months of the year, I made much better progress on my knitting than on any other projects. I blame this partially on the cold cold weather – my basement sewing studio gets really cold in the winter (I keep a space heater on set to 58F but when I accidentally had it off for a day it got down to 50, even though we keep our house at 68-70). So when I want to sew I need to remember to go downstairs and turn up the space heater a few hours beforehand. Most nights it was much more tempting to snuggle on the couch with Gregg and knit.

I blogged about Gregg’s Watchtower Socks but I did finish a few other projects. All yarn/pattern details can be found on Ravelry:

Striped baby hat – just a simple hat I sent to a friend who is expecting her first grandson. I used Cascade 220 Superwash Sport leftover from Davy’s Baby Whale sweater. Fast and easy!



Mike’s Muffler – this was one of my goals for the Q1 FAL from Adrianne at On the Windy Side, and I’m pleased to say I finished it juuuust in time to mail off to sunny SoCal. My FIL is very pleased with it!


Lala’s Wurm – made with the yarn I received for finishing Gregg’s socks before Feb 14; the superwash yarn grew when blocking and so my first hat turned out way too big so I ripped it out and reknit it with fewer stitches cast on. I’m happy with the finished project and glad I re-did it. But I probably should post a photo!

Juniper Sage Hickory – another Q1 FAL goal done and another pair of socks for me! I’m really pleased with how they came out, I’ve already worn them a few times.


Rainbow Leg Warmers –  another  Q1 FAL goal, also a birthday gift for my niece (who conveniently had a rainbow-themed birthday party).  Arrived in time for the actual birthday and my SIL reports she wore them to bed that night :)


I’ve also started another pair of socks, the goal is to finish and give them to my mom for Mother’s Day (a tradition I’ve done nearly every year since I started knitting socks). And I do have some other knitting plans but I’ll include the rest in my post for the Q2 FAL.

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Magpie Fiber Socks and Scallop Bunting

23 Jan

Today I have my first knitted FO of 2015! These are socks I made my husband, from a new indie dyer local to me – Magpie Fibers. I went to her debut trunk show and was blown away by the gorgeous colors of her yarns, and I really like the base yarns she uses to dye. I went planning to get a few skeins of her Swish Worsted for another project. As we were talking about colors, she mentioned that she was trying to make sure she included good masculine colors that were not just a flat grey or blue, so I also picked up a skein of “All Along the Watchtower” in Swanky Sock to make a pair of socks for Gregg.



I had originally planned to modify a pattern that called for a multiple of 6 sts and so cast on 66. It was clear almost immediately that the pattern was fighting with the yarn so I ripped back, and since I didn’t want to redo the cuff I went with a simple k4p2 rib which I think shows off the yarn nicely.

I really liked the yarn and would definitely buy it again. Soft, nice stitch definition, generous yardage, great colors, and no knots/flaws in the skein. Gregg is also a fan of these socks – I usually try to block them but he wanted to wear them today.

This is also my first finish for the Q1 FAL.

I also have another sewing FO – as I mentioned, I’m doing the Curves class and I finished my Scallop Bunting project!

I was not planning to finish the whole project but once I got going, it was so easy and looked so good I didn’t want to stop!



I’m kind of sad I need to wait a whole year before I have an excuse to hang this up again.


Linking up with Amanda Jean at Finish it up Friday!


Tree Skirt

16 Jan

My first FO of 2015! And at least I have a tree skirt for next Christmas.

Details – inspired by this tree skirt from pepperknit, but with some modifications – I started with 7.25″ triangles (no, I have no idea why I picked such a weird size either). Each wedge is made up of 16 triangles. I bought 10 different fabrics but switched around which fabrics repeated in each wedge so I’m pretty happy with the layout. I had a hard time finding 10 fabrics I liked that I thought went well together. If I was going to do it again though, I’d probably throw in some solids because Gregg thinks it’s a little loud.


This is it after quilting but before washing – my mom still had her tree up so I was able to take a quick shot of it.

I did straight line quilting an inch from each seam, so I ended up with some nice intersecting lines. I was afraid they’d highlight the spots where my points are a little off but I think it looks fine.

I tried to pick a backing fabric that I thought would work as reversible. The binding on the center isn’t the greatest on this side but I think I could still use it since that part will be hidden by the tree. I used regular 2.5″ straight grain binding and attached it all by machine.

After a wash and dry it ended up 50″ in diameter (flat wedge to flat wedge) which I think is a good size. The wedges ended up 28.5″ along each wide side. I was worried about it running since I didn’t pre-wash and the fabric is all cheapo stuff from Joann’s (because tree skirt, I’m not too worried about it being an heirloom project) but I threw in some color-catchers and it came out fine. I’m quite pleased with this!

Linking up with Finish it up Friday at crazy mom quilts.

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