November Birthdays

12 Nov

Two young family members have November birthdays and so I decided to make some handmade gifts.

First, the 3-year old wanted a bag to carry toys around in. After some consultation with my SIL, I decided to use some Heather Ross Far Far Away fabric and coordinating solids to make a bag with some fussy cut unicorns. I looked and didn’t find anything I liked as far as a pattern so I’m making it up as I go, though it’s heavily influenced by the QAYG Guild Bag (though with all different sizes). This is my first time doing QAYG and it’s definitely fun. I did a little (bad) FMQ on the unicorns and the wavy lines were done with the regular presser foot. Here are shots of both sides of the bag and both sides of the lining (the lining is inside out at the moment in preparation for assembly). The color is more true in the first one – oh, the perils of taking photos in my basement at night.




I’m very close to being done; I just need to make the strap and then the final bag assembly. But since Davy gave me a wicked cold and I’m still feeling crummy from a night tossing and turning I’m going to do the smart thing and finish it when I’m not exhausted and prone to making dumb mistakes.


The 8 year old is very into Harry Potter and requested a stuffed animal so I’m making an owl to look like Hedwig. The pattern is a free one called Obligatory Owl, and details of yarn etc are on my ravelry page. I just got the eyes yesterday so I still need to knit the beak, feet, and do the assembly but we’ll call this one 80% done.

Also, this guy is now less than a month from being 2! How time flies… (slightly blurry because I promised him a cookie if he’d pose for a photo and he was REALLY EXCITED about the cookie. Which he barely nibbled)



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