Gravity QAL

23 May

I’ve love the Gravity quilt from the moment I saw it. I put the kit on my Christmas list (along with the suggested specialty rulers) but alas nobody got it for me. But then Cynthia from Quilting is more fun than Housework posted that she had picked it up from Craftsy for a great price and luckily it was still on sale so I snagged it. I found out that there’s a quilt-along going on – hosted by Myra of Busy Hands Quilt  – and since I got a bit of a late start I’m trying to catch up my blocks.

So far I’ve got one of Block 1 – Horizon done!


Here it is on my design wall (with a bunch of other random WIPs!)

Myra’s got tons of helpful tips, and between her and the pattern book the first block was a breeze.

I made sure to pre-starch my blocks (I’m using Mary Ellen’s Best Press and liking it).

As Myra mentioned, some (most) of my 10″ precuts squares are not perfectly square, so I’m making sure to cut my strips from the wider part of the square.

I really like the Super Sidekick ruler (which I’d received as a Christmas gift) – so much easier than using templates or trying to do it with regular rulers, and I’m sure at the very least I will use it after this quilt to do more triangles. Based on the ease of use I ordered the Hex & More ruler as well.

As mentioned in the pattern book, I cut the corners off my diamonds which made matching them up a breeze.

I’m guessing I could make the cutting go faster by stacking my fabric but I occasionally have trouble cutting through (I think because my cutting/pressing table is lightly padded because it happens even with brand new rotary cutter blades) so I’m doing just one color at a time.



I’m also cutting out 2.5″ triangles for the bonus pillow pattern and (assuming I have enough fabric) I’m trying to cut out 2.5″ squares and 1″ hexagons while I’m doing my initial cuts – so far I’ve been able to do that from all the fabric.

And I made this nice little design board, again from Myra’s blog – a nice way to keep my blocks organized while I’m piecing. I grabbed some more duck tape the other day and will probably make a few more.

I am making the quilt as designed so I labeled some flower head pins with letters (using a sharpie, nothing fancy) to keep track of which color is which – I had enough to make 4 sets.

I even made a fancy little pincushion so I can keep my flower head pins separate!


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