Flashback FO post – Baby Ogre hat

19 Jul

I wrote this originally when I first made the hat, nearly a year and a half ago, but it’s too cute so I’m still going to share.



First off I will say that I had a ton of hats for Davy when he was an infant. Knitted, crocheted, stuff I made, gifts, as well as a bunch of cotton knit hats that came with various outfits. He hardly ever wore them, even though he was born in December, because he rarely left the house – no daycare since Gregg stayed home with him for the first year, and it was such a bitterly cold winter that Davy and Gregg pretty much stuck to the house where a hat was too warm.

But. I saw the Ogre Babies! pattern and had to have it. The pattern is sized for a newborn and has you using worsted weight yarn with size US3 needles for the body; I used size US4 with worsted weight and it fit him great when I first made it as a 3.5 month old (though he was a long, skinny baby). I think we were still able to put it on his head at a year, though he was in a “no hat” phase and immediately ripped it off. The best part is that I had the yarn on hand already in the perfect color, so it was a great way to use up some scraps. The ear bulbs were a bit fiddly but not too bad, and I think they look pretty perfect.


It was also a very fast knit – I think less than a week, and I was not exactly getting a lot of knitting time at that point! Definitely recommended.

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