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07 Nov

So I finished this project a little over a month ago but never posted, so here it is. I made my dog Sammie a custom harness! He’s 12 and has had recurring neck/back problems, and the vet recommended a harness for walks. We’ve tried to purchase one but Sammie is kind of a funny size – long and skinny – so it’s hard to find something that fits him well. My mom’s much smaller toy poodle has a custom fabric harness and I used it to pattern out a harness for Sammie.


Then Gregg and I looked through my stash and debated fabric choices. I wanted to use a single cut for the harness (rather than piecing together something) which meant I needed a 1/2 yard. I mostly stash FQs and didn’t have any half yards that we really liked, so off to the fabric store we went. We really wanted something with a small scale print and a darker background, to hide dirt. But we found something so perfect we had to get it – Dr. Seuss fabric that had “Sam I Am” printed all over it. Problem – it was white! Solution – dye the fabric! So we got a packet of fabric dye and I overdyed it (along with some stained onesies and the liner fabric).


So here are the harness pieces – Kona Black, some random canvas-y fabric as the lining, and the overdyed Sam I Am fabric on the top. I used a fabric glue stick to attach some grosgrain ribbon to twill tape, and stuck that over the D ring (purchased at Home Depot in the hardware section) and sewed it down – I used my zipper foot which let me get really close to the D ring to secure it. I zigzagged the velcro down – I’m using the kind meant for cloth diapers since I know it has a good hold and holds up well to washing. Then I made some bias binding and attached that. I have a little bunching around the curves but for my first time making and working with bias binding and doing a completely machine-attached binding I think I did pretty good. I used heavy-duty thread for all the stitching – I used a topstitch needle and I think I had only one thread break, which is pretty good considering¬†I was sewing through velcro plus multiple layers of fabric plus the binding.


And it fits him! ¬†Sad to say this is the first thing I’ve ever made him (no, I’ve never knit or crocheted him a sweater) but I think this is something that will be useful. If it keeps us from having another several hundred dollar vet bill it’s definitely worth the effort!


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