Davy’s Car Carrier

16 May

So it took me a little longer than I’d originally planned but I finished Davy’s Car Carrier Bucket today!


The red car side


The orange pickup truck side


The inside


My God, it’s full of cars!

It ended up roughly 10″ wide by 8″ deep by 9″ high (not including handles) – bigger than I think I would have liked but not bad considering I was totally winging it with the dimensions and I’ve never made a bucket like this before. I used Kona cotton scraps for the solids and the prints are both Ann Kelle remix ovals (the size for the lining was kind of weird and I had a FQ bundle of the prints so I used both the black on white and white on black prints with a little bit leftover). I like rummaging through the remnants bin and Joann and have a bunch of random Pellon stabilizers – I used fusible fleece on the exterior, SF101 on the lining, and some midweight sew-in stabilizer (I think 40) on the handles.

So I thought Davy would really get a kick out of it – he’s very excited to get new things or to hear that I’m making something for him and he liked the blocks alone. He was napping when I finished, and when I showed him the bucket full of his cars, he said “Dump it out!” very angrily and then after I’d dumped out the cars, I asked him if he liked it. “I want to break it!” Well, okay then! Toddlers, man. He’s generally pretty easygoing, but I do have to remember that he’s only 2.5. Maybe an hour later he wanted to go out front and play cars with Gregg and he happily put his cars in the bucket and carried them outside, so I guess he does like it after all!

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