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Christmas roundup

07 Jan

I had grand plans for Christmas this year, but some persistent ick in my house took it’s toll toward the end of the year. We all got sick mid-November and it was just one thing after another. We’ve been through an ear infection (Davy), sinus infections (Gregg and I), pinkeye for the whole house – once for Gregg and twice each for Davy and I! Davy doesn’t sleep or eat well when he’s feeling crummy, which meant Mama was up a bunch in the middle of the night and thus not inspired to wake up at 5AM to sew. A good lesson to me in planning though, and luckily we are all on the mend and none the worse for wear.

One of my goals for Christmas was a handmade gift for everybody. How did I do?

My mother-in-law and father-in-law got some socks I had fortuitously made earlier in the year:

IMG_7040 IMG_7042

My poor husband got nothing – I started a pair of convertible mittens but didn’t get gauge and threw in the towel. It’s really hard to make projects for him in secret.

My son got some more handmade pillowcases, which I just realized I never posted about so I’ll throw all of them up here:


My sister got the Mod Sampler Quilt – yes, I did finish it (barely) – luckily she was so moved to tears that she didn’t notice my crappy quilting:

My mom got a finished quilt top – I might have been able to finish the quilt but I realized I didn’t have enough fabric for the backing and decided I’d wait on that and finish it later:


She also got a Snappy Manicure Wallet (minus the snaps, because I purchased the wrong snap fastener and so used velcro instead):

My sister’s best friend Kim joined us this year and she got two drawstring bags – one to use for projects and one filled with knitting notions like a tape measure, cable needles, stitch markers, point protectors, and teensy scissors:


I had big plans to make some things for my extended family but only my brother-in-law got something – I whipped up a very fast Soft Structure Cowl for him:


And I even started a quilted tree skirt for our tree!


So really, not too bad in the scheme of things but I’m hoping with some planning ahead I’ll do better next year.

Linking up with Lee for WIP Wednesday – I really do need to finish both Mom’s Winged Quilt and the Tree Skirt asap!

Also linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes January 2015 goal party – though I’d love to finish both, Mom’s Winged Quilt is my January goal.


Unicorn bag Finished!

14 Nov

So that bag I showed off on Wed? It’s completed! I only needed one more evening of work to make the strap, add the magnetic closure (pro tip – do this before you attach the lining to the bag) and sew it all together. Here is is all assembled – the sides with the built in Unicorn pockets (they have the same fabric lining as the main bag):







And the lining with additional pockets on each side, one of which is a divided pocket:



I’m thrilled with how well this bag came out! There aren’t many changes I would make if I did a similar project – I’d probably cut the lining just a bit smaller so it didn’t have that bunchiness on the sides and I’d make sure to add in my magnetic closure first – it was really a pain trying to hand sew that in, especially doing the second side because the magnets kept grabbing each other.

It might be a bit on the large side – the final measurements came out to 12″ tall by 8″ wide – but those were somewhat constrained by the fussy-cut unicorns on the pockets, and it’s a nice deep bag for my niece to store her treasures in. I hope she loves it!




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Dog friendly FO

07 Nov

So I finished this project a little over a month ago but never posted, so here it is. I made my dog Sammie a custom harness! He’s 12 and has had recurring neck/back problems, and the vet recommended a harness for walks. We’ve tried to purchase one but Sammie is kind of a funny size – long and skinny – so it’s hard to find something that fits him well. My mom’s much smaller toy poodle has a custom fabric harness and I used it to pattern out a harness for Sammie.


Then Gregg and I looked through my stash and debated fabric choices. I wanted to use a single cut for the harness (rather than piecing together something) which meant I needed a 1/2 yard. I mostly stash FQs and didn’t have any half yards that we really liked, so off to the fabric store we went. We really wanted something with a small scale print and a darker background, to hide dirt. But we found something so perfect we had to get it – Dr. Seuss fabric that had “Sam I Am” printed all over it. Problem – it was white! Solution – dye the fabric! So we got a packet of fabric dye and I overdyed it (along with some stained onesies and the liner fabric).


So here are the harness pieces – Kona Black, some random canvas-y fabric as the lining, and the overdyed Sam I Am fabric on the top. I used a fabric glue stick to attach some grosgrain ribbon to twill tape, and stuck that over the D ring (purchased at Home Depot in the hardware section) and sewed it down – I used my zipper foot which let me get really close to the D ring to secure it. I zigzagged the velcro down – I’m using the kind meant for cloth diapers since I know it has a good hold and holds up well to washing. Then I made some bias binding and attached that. I have a little bunching around the curves but for my first time making and working with bias binding and doing a completely machine-attached binding I think I did pretty good. I used heavy-duty thread for all the stitching – I used a topstitch needle and I think I had only one thread break, which is pretty good considering I was sewing through velcro plus multiple layers of fabric plus the binding.


And it fits him!  Sad to say this is the first thing I’ve ever made him (no, I’ve never knit or crocheted him a sweater) but I think this is something that will be useful. If it keeps us from having another several hundred dollar vet bill it’s definitely worth the effort!


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Halloween 2014

03 Nov

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting lately but one thing I did make was a Halloween costume for Davy! He’s been really obsessed with horses lately (if we forget to put away the computer or ipad he will point to the screen and demand “Neigh!” videos). So I thought it would be adorable to dress him up as a cowboy. I am fully aware that next year, when he will be nearly 3, he might have his own opinions on costumes! I also know that homemade sometimes can cost more but I really love the look of it.


So luckily, I found an awesome tutorial for Cowboy chaps and vest. Looked totally doable! I scored when I went to buy fabric – I found two different costume faux suede microfiber fabrics in the remnants bin. The main fabric cost I think $6, and it has an awesome weathered look to it. So here is Davy modeling his costume!

Davy Halloween 2014

In addition to the vest and chaps, I made him a little belt (since he doesn’t actually own one) and I used some foam to make a belt-buckle with an illustration of a horse’s head on it.


Here is the entire ensemble, with purchased hat and bandana (the button shirt and jeans we already had, both hand-me-downs):

Davy Halloween 2014

And here is a rear view so you can see the fringe on the back of the vest and the star patch:

Davy Halloween 2014

My little cutie pie! It was really very easy to make and I’m so glad I did it. It’s a little big so I’m hoping it will do double-duty as an outfit for playing dress-up. He enjoys wearing the hat so that’s getting a lot of use already, and I’m glad we sprung for a slightly nicer hat instead of a pretend foam hat.

Trick-or-treating was a little overwhelming for him (all 3 houses we went to) but he enjoyed being all dressed up and handing out candy.

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Flashback FO post – Baby Ogre hat

19 Jul

I wrote this originally when I first made the hat, nearly a year and a half ago, but it’s too cute so I’m still going to share.



First off I will say that I had a ton of hats for Davy when he was an infant. Knitted, crocheted, stuff I made, gifts, as well as a bunch of cotton knit hats that came with various outfits. He hardly ever wore them, even though he was born in December, because he rarely left the house – no daycare since Gregg stayed home with him for the first year, and it was such a bitterly cold winter that Davy and Gregg pretty much stuck to the house where a hat was too warm.

But. I saw the Ogre Babies! pattern and had to have it. The pattern is sized for a newborn and has you using worsted weight yarn with size US3 needles for the body; I used size US4 with worsted weight and it fit him great when I first made it as a 3.5 month old (though he was a long, skinny baby). I think we were still able to put it on his head at a year, though he was in a “no hat” phase and immediately ripped it off. The best part is that I had the yarn on hand already in the perfect color, so it was a great way to use up some scraps. The ear bulbs were a bit fiddly but not too bad, and I think they look pretty perfect.


It was also a very fast knit – I think less than a week, and I was not exactly getting a lot of knitting time at that point! Definitely recommended.

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