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WIP Wed – Hexie Fever

16 Jul

I think I’ve caught hexie fever and I’ve got it bad. I’ve been busy and sick and not doing much sewing but every time I sneak down to the basement I try to cut some hexies from my (meager) scraps. Since my homemade set of EPP templates were not as uniform as I would like, I ordered a set of 600 1″ hexies from Paper Pieces. I also ordered one of their acrylic fabric cutting templates; the nice thing about this is that it has the outline of the piece minus seam allowances, which helps with fussy cutting.

So here’s what I’ve done so far. These are cut from scraps of the only two projects I’ve made with quilt-shop quality fabric – Davy’s quilt (which I should do a post on) and another quilt that’s been in the UFO pile for awhile.


They mostly coordinate, but I don’t have an immediate plan for them – I think I’ll try to find a nice container to store them in and save them for a future project. To that effect, I’m making the hexies with thread instead of glue basting – I worry about the stability of glue over years and years.

Irresistable, right?

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Oh, and my little guy turned 19 months last Fri so here is a shot of him (with his quilt in the background).