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September 2015

17 Jan

So it looks like I didn’t blog anytime after August last year. Crazy! So for the next few Sundays, I’m going to do a round-up of all my projects finished for a month, starting with September.

Without further ado:

A quick look back at the projects I finished in Sept 2015


Clothesline Bowl (there are about a million tutorials out there, I have no idea which one I used)



Tiny Geese Keychain

need photo!


Route 66 Socks – I started these in December 2011 – I messed up the second sock and stuck them in time out for the longest time. Didn’t have enough white to do both toes the same so I did one white and one blue, knowing that my Father-In-Law would appreciate the quirkyness.



Noodlehead Open Wide Pouch – size small, using Rainwalk fabrics. I used fusible fleece and probably wouldn’t do that again because future pouches have turned out nicer.



Bonus Davy Photo:



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Pandamonium Pillow – FO post

22 Aug

Now that’s its finished and has been gifted, it’s time to share my Panda-monim Pillow! This was on my Q3 FAL list. It’s for our intern who is heading to college next week – she LOVES pandas so I immediately thought of her when I saw the pattern.



Isn’t it super cute? I did end up buying new fabric to make this, because I didn’t have enough of the fabric I was planning to use. It worked out because I found the music themed fabric which was perfect for the recipient (hard to see but the black is a tone-on-tone with treble clefs).  The pattern I used was Panda-monium, a free pattern from Fat Quarter Shop. The pattern was easy and well written, but I think it did wildly overestimate the amount of fabric needed. I made a zippered back with some Kona black – I used this tutorial from Miss Make for the project, and I thought it was well-written and a very nice, professional finish. I made the quilted panel 19″x19″ before finishing it into a pillow (kind of forgot about my seam allowances, oops), and I pre-washed it and it shrunk a bit so the final size ended up being 17.5″ x 17.5″ with an 18″ square pillow form inside it.


Since I had some extra fabric and since we wanted to send our intern with a coin purse stuffed with quarters I offered to make one. I used Noodlehead’s zippy wallet tutorial. Nice, easy pattern – my only mod was adding a wrist strap. I like that it has both the exterior pocket which will hold a card or two and the zipped interior one. Very fast and cute.


How am I doing otherwise? I haven’t done very much sewing or other crafting this summer, lots of bedtime drama and sickness making me more likely to just crash once the little guy is in bed. But things seem to be getting better. In the last week I also finished and mailed off my July Bee Hive block:



Pattern is Ripples Block in scrappy low volume and blues.

I’ve gotten some more of my Gravity QAL blocks cut out and started piecing them together, though I’m quite behind right now. I’m still trying to keep up because I’m afraid if I put the project aside it’ll take years to finish it.


But mostly I’ve been trying to enjoy the summer and my time hanging out with this little guy!


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Davy’s Car Carrier

16 May

So it took me a little longer than I’d originally planned but I finished Davy’s Car Carrier Bucket today!


The red car side


The orange pickup truck side


The inside


My God, it’s full of cars!

It ended up roughly 10″ wide by 8″ deep by 9″ high (not including handles) – bigger than I think I would have liked but not bad considering I was totally winging it with the dimensions and I’ve never made a bucket like this before. I used Kona cotton scraps for the solids and the prints are both Ann Kelle remix ovals (the size for the lining was kind of weird and I had a FQ bundle of the prints so I used both the black on white and white on black prints with a little bit leftover). I like rummaging through the remnants bin and Joann and have a bunch of random Pellon stabilizers – I used fusible fleece on the exterior, SF101 on the lining, and some midweight sew-in stabilizer (I think 40) on the handles.

So I thought Davy would really get a kick out of it – he’s very excited to get new things or to hear that I’m making something for him and he liked the blocks alone. He was napping when I finished, and when I showed him the bucket full of his cars, he said “Dump it out!” very angrily and then after I’d dumped out the cars, I asked him if he liked it. “I want to break it!” Well, okay then! Toddlers, man. He’s generally pretty easygoing, but I do have to remember that he’s only 2.5. Maybe an hour later he wanted to go out front and play cars with Gregg and he happily put his cars in the bucket and carried them outside, so I guess he does like it after all!

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Vroom vroom

13 May

I finished my Rainbow Road table runner this past weekend (finished project post coming soon). I recently got a kit to make the Gravity Quilt and decided I wanted to get started on that right away, so I began starching and ironing my fabrics.

And then I got distracted (don’t you hate it when that happens)?

Davy has recently acquired some new toy cars and is playing with them a ton, which means there are little tripping hazards vehicles all over the floor. So I decided to make him a fabric bucket to store them in.


I don’t have any car fabric in my stash and I didn’t want to buy anything so I decided I would piece some cars. I had trouble finding a free paper-pieced pattern but then I ran across this one, which is a combo of paper piecing and slightly more improv piecing.


After the car and the truck I decided I needed to add some fabric to the sides (so that the vehicles wouldn’t be totally pulled out of shape) and some solid black to the bottom.


And that’s about where we’re at right now – I have the pieces cut out for fabric handles and I need to add interfacing and fusible fleece etc. I’m using this pattern from Pink Penguin as inspiration but I’m kind of winging it with my measurements since my pieced blocks are so much bigger than the patchwork she used. I figure that as long as it’s somewhat usable Davy will love it and that’s the important thing. Wish me luck!


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WIPing along

22 Apr

I’m so close to a finish on my Winged quilt! I have been working every spare moment sewing down the binding in the hopes that I can give it to my mom this weekend. I’ve even been lugging it to work every day so that I can do a bit of sewing on my lunch break.

Trimming it up (I use a metal L-shaped ruler purchased for a long-completed home improvement project)


Sewing on the binding while Davy chops paper up into tiny and tinier bits with his scissors:



I’ve also gotten to do a little fun sewing. I purchased a bag full of strip/string scraps from Kati (from the blue chair) in an instagram destash awhile ago. The strips were all from this quilt, so I knew they’d all go together nicely! I admit I’m a new enough quilter that I have trouble coming up with good color combos so this is a bonus of this kind of purchase.

I showed off a potholder on a previous post, and making that was fun, but I wanted something a little different and something that would incorporate some negative space. I found this tutorial for spiderweb blocks on Sew Mama Sew from Elizabeth Hartman. So far I’ve completed the parts for one block:



I really like how it’s looking so far. I have the background fabric cut and marked for 3 additional blocks. I do think I need to have my scraps more sorted in advance (I sorted a bunch into snack-sized ziplocs but for the block above I was just using all the stuff I hadn’t had a chance to sort yet, mostly the strings that were pieced together) and I think it would also help to have a pressing mat on my sewing table so I don’t have to constantly pop up and down. But I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to sew up a few more. I’m not going to sew the triangles into blocks until I have a bunch, because if it turns out I need to add more fabric in to get it to a good size I want those fabrics to be evenly distributed.



But as you can see there are really a ton of strips here, so I should be good for awhile. Hopefully while I’m stuck home tomorrow (Davy has pinkeye for like, the 6th time since last December) I’lll get some sewing done!

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Mod sampler and some finishes

19 Nov

I’m still sick (Boo!) but since this cold seems to have come with a heaping side order of congestion-induced insomnia I’ve gotten a bunch of stuff done (yay!)

First of all, I finished the top for my mod sampler quilt, pieced the back, and basted it together:




Next up is quilting – I’m thinking I will do my first attempt at large-scale FMQ and do interlocked squares – hopefully I will get started on that this week.

I have a couple of finishes – I completed the Hedwig Owl for my nephew and it (along with the Unicorn bag for my niece) has already been mailed off and delivered to them. Pattern is Obligatory Owl and full details are on my ravelry page.



I also finished a hat and mittens for Davy – the mittens are the same yarn, the photo is just crappy.


I love this shot – he has his hand out and is telling me “pocket” which means he wants me to put my phone back in my pocket and stop taking photos.

The hat pattern is the Dragon Baby Hat, made in the toddler size, which I really like – the hat fits him well but has room to grow, and the pattern was interesting without being too complicated. The yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh DK  which I’ve used before and really love – the subtle variations in color look really good with this hat pattern.



I could not find a free basic toddler mitten pattern for the weight yarn I was using. Luckily I long ago purchased The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns and the smallest size mitten worked well for him. At one point last night I got him to try his hat and mittens on and he ran around the house in glee shouting “mitten! mitten!” Toddlers are hilarious.

I also started a cowl last night for my BIL – I was going to make him socks but I’m starting to feel like I may need to pare down my holiday projects, and a cowl should be much faster. It’s a pattern that I’ve made previously for Gregg and it’s leftover yarn from a hat I made BIL last Christmas so it will match. Hopefully I will have enough yarn!


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November Birthdays

12 Nov

Two young family members have November birthdays and so I decided to make some handmade gifts.

First, the 3-year old wanted a bag to carry toys around in. After some consultation with my SIL, I decided to use some Heather Ross Far Far Away fabric and coordinating solids to make a bag with some fussy cut unicorns. I looked and didn’t find anything I liked as far as a pattern so I’m making it up as I go, though it’s heavily influenced by the QAYG Guild Bag (though with all different sizes). This is my first time doing QAYG and it’s definitely fun. I did a little (bad) FMQ on the unicorns and the wavy lines were done with the regular presser foot. Here are shots of both sides of the bag and both sides of the lining (the lining is inside out at the moment in preparation for assembly). The color is more true in the first one – oh, the perils of taking photos in my basement at night.




I’m very close to being done; I just need to make the strap and then the final bag assembly. But since Davy gave me a wicked cold and I’m still feeling crummy from a night tossing and turning I’m going to do the smart thing and finish it when I’m not exhausted and prone to making dumb mistakes.


The 8 year old is very into Harry Potter and requested a stuffed animal so I’m making an owl to look like Hedwig. The pattern is a free one called Obligatory Owl, and details of yarn etc are on my ravelry page. I just got the eyes yesterday so I still need to knit the beak, feet, and do the assembly but we’ll call this one 80% done.

Also, this guy is now less than a month from being 2! How time flies… (slightly blurry because I promised him a cookie if he’d pose for a photo and he was REALLY EXCITED about the cookie. Which he barely nibbled)



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Halloween 2014

03 Nov

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting lately but one thing I did make was a Halloween costume for Davy! He’s been really obsessed with horses lately (if we forget to put away the computer or ipad he will point to the screen and demand “Neigh!” videos). So I thought it would be adorable to dress him up as a cowboy. I am fully aware that next year, when he will be nearly 3, he might have his own opinions on costumes! I also know that homemade sometimes can cost more but I really love the look of it.


So luckily, I found an awesome tutorial for Cowboy chaps and vest. Looked totally doable! I scored when I went to buy fabric – I found two different costume faux suede microfiber fabrics in the remnants bin. The main fabric cost I think $6, and it has an awesome weathered look to it. So here is Davy modeling his costume!

Davy Halloween 2014

In addition to the vest and chaps, I made him a little belt (since he doesn’t actually own one) and I used some foam to make a belt-buckle with an illustration of a horse’s head on it.


Here is the entire ensemble, with purchased hat and bandana (the button shirt and jeans we already had, both hand-me-downs):

Davy Halloween 2014

And here is a rear view so you can see the fringe on the back of the vest and the star patch:

Davy Halloween 2014

My little cutie pie! It was really very easy to make and I’m so glad I did it. It’s a little big so I’m hoping it will do double-duty as an outfit for playing dress-up. He enjoys wearing the hat so that’s getting a lot of use already, and I’m glad we sprung for a slightly nicer hat instead of a pretend foam hat.

Trick-or-treating was a little overwhelming for him (all 3 houses we went to) but he enjoyed being all dressed up and handing out candy.

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Stalled out

04 Aug

I haven’t posted about the Charity Baby Quilt because I have made exactly zero progress on it. I want to FMQ it, and I haven’t done it, and so I’ve decided to take a class at my LQS. So it is on hold until then.

In the meantime, I decided to start a new quilt project (So much for that “one project at a time” thing I was attempting). My MIL and FIL were visiting in June and my MIL bought me a jelly roll of Hubba Hubba as a hostess gift (yeah, she is awesome). So I decided to bust into that and see if I could size up the Modern Crosses pattern from Modern Log Cabin Quilting to use with the 2.5″ strips. I think it looks good, and if I did my math right I should come out of it with a nice large quilt – twin to full, depending on how many crosses I end up doing.

I spent a bunch of time cutting my center squares and strips out of my neutral fabric (Kona White) and getting them assembled into sets of 4.



Here is my first cross block:



And here are the first two together:



I’m pleased with how they are coming out so far. I definitely need to work on my precision and my 1/4″ seam but I think I am getting better, and hopefully the less-than-perfect parts won’t be noticeable once it is finished and quilted.


My favorite little helper – he picked up his sit & spin, carried it into the little space behind my sewing chair, sat on it and just happily spun around for awhile. Toddlers are so funny. And no, I don’t actually get quilting/sewing done while he is in the basement with me – at most I can do some pressing and cutting, but he is fascinated by my sewing machine and wants to push all the buttons and grab the knee lift and stick his hand under the needle. So the cover stays on and the machine stays off when he is around!


But he’s just so darn cute I don’t mind.

I’d hoped to get another post together on Wed but since that didn’t happen I’m linking this up with WIP Wednesday!

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Flashback FO post – Baby Ogre hat

19 Jul

I wrote this originally when I first made the hat, nearly a year and a half ago, but it’s too cute so I’m still going to share.



First off I will say that I had a ton of hats for Davy when he was an infant. Knitted, crocheted, stuff I made, gifts, as well as a bunch of cotton knit hats that came with various outfits. He hardly ever wore them, even though he was born in December, because he rarely left the house – no daycare since Gregg stayed home with him for the first year, and it was such a bitterly cold winter that Davy and Gregg pretty much stuck to the house where a hat was too warm.

But. I saw the Ogre Babies! pattern and had to have it. The pattern is sized for a newborn and has you using worsted weight yarn with size US3 needles for the body; I used size US4 with worsted weight and it fit him great when I first made it as a 3.5 month old (though he was a long, skinny baby). I think we were still able to put it on his head at a year, though he was in a “no hat” phase and immediately ripped it off. The best part is that I had the yarn on hand already in the perfect color, so it was a great way to use up some scraps. The ear bulbs were a bit fiddly but not too bad, and I think they look pretty perfect.


It was also a very fast knit – I think less than a week, and I was not exactly getting a lot of knitting time at that point! Definitely recommended.

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