2015 Q1 – knitting review

31 Mar

Looking back at the first 3 months of the year, I made much better progress on my knitting than on any other projects. I blame this partially on the cold cold weather – my basement sewing studio gets really cold in the winter (I keep a space heater on set to 58F but when I accidentally had it off for a day it got down to 50, even though we keep our house at 68-70). So when I want to sew I need to remember to go downstairs and turn up the space heater a few hours beforehand. Most nights it was much more tempting to snuggle on the couch with Gregg and knit.

I blogged about Gregg’s Watchtower Socks but I did finish a few other projects. All yarn/pattern details can be found on Ravelry:

Striped baby hat – just a simple hat I sent to a friend who is expecting her first grandson. I used Cascade 220 Superwash Sport leftover from Davy’s Baby Whale sweater. Fast and easy!



Mike’s Muffler – this was one of my goals for the Q1 FAL from Adrianne at On the Windy Side, and I’m pleased to say I finished it juuuust in time to mail off to sunny SoCal. My FIL is very pleased with it!


Lala’s Wurm – made with the yarn I received for finishing Gregg’s socks before Feb 14; the superwash yarn grew when blocking and so my first hat turned out way too big so I ripped it out and reknit it with fewer stitches cast on. I’m happy with the finished project and glad I re-did it. But I probably should post a photo!

Juniper Sage Hickory – another Q1 FAL goal done and another pair of socks for me! I’m really pleased with how they came out, I’ve already worn them a few times.


Rainbow Leg Warmers –  another  Q1 FAL goal, also a birthday gift for my niece (who conveniently had a rainbow-themed birthday party).  Arrived in time for the actual birthday and my SIL reports she wore them to bed that night :)


I’ve also started another pair of socks, the goal is to finish and give them to my mom for Mother’s Day (a tradition I’ve done nearly every year since I started knitting socks). And I do have some other knitting plans but I’ll include the rest in my post for the Q2 FAL.

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